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long time no post! i went on vacation in june, and upon my return started working on an intensive freelance project with a tight deadline. all other free time was spent watching one of the best shows i’ve ever had the pleasure to watch: battlestar galactica. so i managed to find a few minutes free here and there to draw my three favorite characters from that show :) just started season 4! so sad that i have only this season left :’(

will be posting more starting next week!


So, I just got an email about copyright infringement and it being my “final notice”…but this is the first time I’ve gotten any notification at all that I’ve infringed upon any copyrights. And this message also didn’t tell me what post it was but presumably Tumblr has taken it down…

I guess I’m be…

If this does happen, which hopefully it won’t, you better text me your new url cause your blog is awesome on an epic scale. :)

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